Tuesday, March 08, 2005


No Numb3rs review this week because my TiVo flaked did its job, but in its stead, I present to you,
Courtesy of the most bizarre blog on the web: Fafblog !

“Oh no, a crime!”
“Maybe we can solve it – with spelling!”
“Applesauce. A-P-P-L-E-S-A-U-C-E. Applesauce.”

“So, you are the American dog who spells for the Great Satan, eh? Well, now you will spell for the jihad!”

“We’ll never disarm this bomb in time! It’s impossible”
“You can’t spell ‘impossible’ without ‘possible’! Let’s go, team!”
“Australopithecine. A-U-S-T-R-A…”


  1. If you set your TiVo to record new episodes, then it didn't flake -- it did its job. They re-ran the pilot episode last Friday. So no worries!

    I've been told that I'm odd among math teachers because I can spell fairly well. 6th place in my State Spelling Bee in 8th grade, without studying the stack of lists I was given. Oh well, one less thing my students can get away with... 

    Posted by mathpro411

  2. hey mathpro411, if you can spell and teach math you are surely in a unique place! Dont know why most mathematicians can't spell worth a damn. 

    Posted by Anonymous

  3. Why can't most mathematicians spell (of course, I don't know of that being statistically proven to be the case)? Maybe deep-down they recognize how arbitrary orthography really is ... I mean, "tough" "bough" and "through"? So much for generalizing the -ough ending. I'm sure there's a whole linguistic history there, but I'll leave that to my linguistics professor.

    Something weird going on with the comment posting above... I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything differently than I normally do. (shrug) 

    Posted by mathpro411


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