Wednesday, July 06, 2005

SODA 2006


Now we wait for the submission count....

Update: And here they are. 437 papers, 22+1 committee members, average load of nearly 60 per person. Having done this last year, all I can say is, 'bwa ha ha'.

p.s. There were 392 longs last year, and a total of 487 papers. so depending on how you look at it, submissions either rose or dropped. If you look at just long papers, then the pattern is 224,283,331,360,392 for the last 5 years (averaging 42 per year), and this year the increment was 45.

What remains to be seen is whether any erstwhile short papers were submitted as longs, given that
...authors should feel free to submit abstracts that are significantly shorter than 10 pages.


  1. Feeling the pain with the SODA commitee and their hard work ahead, I hope they manage better than this year's Cocoon committee: Obviously, a bunch of submissions did not get any reviews.

    Being aware of the tough job of getting such abundance of papers reviewed (Cocoon '05 had 360), authors of not-even-reviewed papers (yes, I am one these poor, frustrated guys :) ) still may wonder whether they even had the chance of participating in the competition.


    Posted by Anonymous

  2. I have never heard of a situation where a paper got no reviews at all. It is possible that there were no author comments, which is bad in its own right, but I wonder how you know that there were no reviews at all. 

    Posted by Suresh

  3. I don't believe that a COCOON 2005 paper was not reviewed. It's rather than no comments to the authors have been sent. 

    Posted by Anonymous

  4. Cool slides! What tool did you use to make them? 

    Posted by Julian


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