Saturday, August 26, 2006

A language for computational topology

sigfpe makes a case for Haskell, using simple Haskell code to compute Betti numbers.



  1. Regarding Haskell, if not computational topology: Doug McIlroy has some papers using Haskell as a clean represenation for power series  (see also here) and enumerating strings of a regular language 

    Posted by Ken Clarkson

  2. Ken,

    Actually, besides writing the homology code I've also written power series code and a tiny combinatorics library that makes use of it (the code for the latter seems to have become slightly garbled - I'll fix it).


    Funnily enough I've also implemented regular expression code based on the Brzozowski derivative. There's something about Haskell that leads people towards implementing the same kinds of projects...


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