Thursday, August 31, 2006

Undergrads and arXiv ?

Via Daniel Lemire, this prediction:
Today’s undergrads have never thought about the world any differently – they’ve never functioned without IM and Wikipedia and arXiv, and they’re going to demand different kinds of review for different kinds of papers.
< snarky researcher on>
If you are an undergrad who's never functioned without the arXiv, please please pretty please apply for a summer job at AT&T, and request me as your mentor.

I shall now wait for a deluge of applications to clog my mailbox.

< snarky researcher off>


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  1. Though I'm quite certain there are undergrads who have been using arXiv, publishing papers before you being your graduate degree is not uncommon in some fields, the quote is actually from Adam Rogers, I only reprinted it from Wired.


    Posted by Daniel Lemire


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