Thursday, August 03, 2006

Musings on the arXiv.

Things that make you go 'hmmmm', or why arXiv can't replace peer review:
The polynomial solution of graph isomorphism problem is obtained by consideration symmetry properties of regular $k$-partitions that, on one hand, generalize automorphic $k$-partitions (=systems of $k$-orbits of permutation groups), and, on other hand, schemes of relations (strongly regular 2-partitions or regular 3-partitions), that are a subject of the algebraic combinatorics.
Although I appreciate the value of the arXiv, there are some things about it that I still don't get.
Take the paper excerpted above. It claims to solve graph isomorphism in polynomial time, a result that if true would be quite momentous. The abstract already warns me that the technical material would be complex, and (call me parochial, shallow, what-have-you) the complete absence of grammatical structure does raise some tiny red flags.

So where does this leave me ? I'd like to know whether there is any merit to this paper. In the absence of peer review, I'd have to wade through it myself, or hope that someone with more technical expertise in the material does it for me, and announces their verdict in a forum where I can hear about it.


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