Thursday, January 25, 2007

It could be one of my students...

A posting on comp.theory:
I just started a new class recently and am in need of a good class
The course is a graduate course in computational geometry.
I think I will like this course but, overall, I don't find myself too
much interested in teh material
I figure a good project will help motivate me through the course and,
well, a project is required anyway! :)
My main interests are in number theory and cryptography.
Any suggestions for a nice little project that could be done in the
span of several weeks by a beginning graduate student? The idea could
either be theoretical or an implementation in code or perhaps a bit of
I have to ask: how does this person know they will like the course if they are not interested in the material ?


  1. Working your way through a foreign subject is much easier if you are doing it to solve a specific problem in mind. You tend to be more focused. Then you also pick up other information along the way that does not deal with your specific goal. At least this has been my experience.

    Suresh: Are you trying to bate your students to comment to see if they read your blog?


  2. When I was in grad school, I took systems courses, not because I liked the material but because I liked the professor.

  3. I am pretty sure they are not aware that I have one :)

  4. Well, that's not quite true! For I am one of your students and do visit geomblog once in a while. I guess, I found the link from your AT&T webpage. :-)

  5. hmm. you should identify yourself then :)

  6. Hey Suresh,
    I've got a few weeks before classes start to heat up, and I'd like to write a STOC/FOCS type paper, you know, something sort of cutting edge, with integrality gaps and expanders and so forth. It could be CG I guess, but I'm more into complexity theory. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!


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