Tuesday, January 09, 2007

SODA 2007: Day 2: Da Bidness

I am sorry to say that the business meeting was so dull we couldn't even muster up the energy to argue about old controversies, let alone create new ones. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Attendance was 276, comparable to SODA 2004 in New Orleans. 96 students
  • 796 distinct accepted authors, from 29+ countries.
  • Milan Ružić was awarded the best student paper prize for "Making Deterministic Signatures Quickly".
  • The domain gmail.com had a 44% acceptance rate, compared to yahoo.com's 14% acceptance rate. Yahoo's stock price fell 3% on hearing this news. Google's stock price fell 5% on worries that researchers were wasting their time writing papers.
  • Manufactured abstract from a random selection of words in accepted paper abstracts:
We present arbitrary coinciding factors that are hierarchical and use predecessors as well as important jobs. We show there exist revenues that are treasure sales and independent for identical parametric desires.
  • Hal Gabow makes some attempts to shake things up with suggestions about pandering to the discrete math community, prompting this from Ian Munro:
"The notion of a discrete math community is an interesting one and somewhat perverse"
  • He tries to resurrect short papers, prompting this, from an unnamed PC member (but we know who you are:))
"Please don't exhume this dead horse just to kick the rotting bones around. Again"
  • SODA 2008 is in San Francisco; Shang-Hua Teng is chair.
  • Major discussion on locations for SODA 2009. Three candidates emerge (NYC/Puerto Rico/Las Vegas). After an attempt at vote-rigging that would put Diebold to shame, the organizers do a straight vote and NYC wins !!
There will be no SODA Day 3 summary from me; I have to leave early to teach. The joys of professorhood !!

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