Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Paper ? what's paper ?

True episode:

I was looking for a paper in the university online journal listing. It's a SIAM paper published prior to 1997, so LOCUS is where it resides. Unfortunately, our online journal listing didn't seem to have LOCUS, and so I clicked on one of the help buttons to talk to a librarian (on live chat). A few minutes later, she points out to me that this particular issue of the journal is physically available in our math library.

Till that point, it had not even occurred to me to check the physical stacks.

p.s I'm just back from the CG PC meeting and the McGill workshop on limited visibility in Barbados. I had to leave early, so discussions continue. Barbados (and later, Bellairs itself) was off the internet till I left on Monday, so I have a collection of posts that will dribble out over time.

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