Tuesday, March 13, 2007

And he's OOOUUUTTT !!!!

Yep, the world cup is now finally on. After a long time, I'm in the same time zone, which is not as nice as it might seem, given that all matches are during the workday. I was trying to explain this to my wife, and she said, 'Aren't cricket matches always at 3 am ?'. Considering that the last time she saw cricket was when I dragged her out to see the India-Aus final 4 years ago, she has a point :).

As people who watch cricket in the US know, Kelly Broadcasting has had a strangehold over cricket rights in North America for some time now. This year however, there are many more options for watching cricket. You can continue to watch the WC on dishTV, but now DirecTV has moved into the biz with a $200 package for the entire cup. If that's too pricey for your taste (and you can't spend all day at home watching on TV!), then sgstream.com has a streaming package for $75, which to my amazement works quite well (so far; let's see what happens for the first India game).

Right now, WI is 140-3 after 36 overs against Pakistan.

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