Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Computer Scientist:Programming::Mathematician:Arithmetic

One of the things that continues to exasperate me on a regular basis is the conflation of computer science with programming. Consider two recent gems (emphasis mine):
  1. From a press release for Microsoft TechFest 2007:
    Boku, a virtual robot in a simulated world, debuted as a research project to teach kids basic programming skills in a fun and entertaining way. “There is an ongoing and deepening crisis in computer science,” Rashid said. “Our goal is to stem the tide by showing young kids the magic of software programming.”
  2. From an article on changing perceptions of computer science at college and K-12 level:
    East Allen County Schools is working to make sure students are exposed to computer careers, whether they think they might be interested or not. All students are required to take a computer course before graduating, and those who know they are interested can take in-depth courses, including training on Cisco computer networks...
Sigh. Ok people, say after me, slowly: Computer Science IS NOT programming. How many musicians do you think you're going to attract by preaching the exquisite beauty of scales and arpeggios to little kids?

As Lance mentions, the closure of stores like CompUSA is a harbinger of the end of computer science as "television science". The more familiar people get with computers, the more they treat them as appliances rather than as complex devices worthy of worship.

What does this mean ? You aren't going to attract people to a field by saying, "Lookee here! here's a neat television ! Let me show you how to build one. It's FUN!!!!". First of all, people ain't stupid. Secondly, there's a lot more to computer science than programming.

Thankfully, we do see here and there the signs of a manifesto for computer science that doesn't involve actually programming a computer: From Jeanette Wing's CACM article:
Computer science is the study of computation: what can be computed and how to compute it.
Amen to that. And notice how different it sounds to the version you might get from the random person on the street:
Computer science is the study of computers.
If I had to preach the gospel of computer-science-as-computation, I'd probably riff off three things:
'Nuff said.

p.s Chazelle is quickly becoming the poet-laureate for 21st century computer science: check out the table of contents for his course titled, "What do your DNA and your iPod have in common ?"

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