Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A movie about a font is my kind of movie

One of the curses of making web pages and writing documents is an unhealthy obsession with fonts. People who've written papers with me have heard my paens to the Euler math font with barely suppressed irritation, and I often have to stop myself from attempting to call out names of familiar fonts when walking down the street :).

Sounds like this is the movie for me:
Helvetica, which had its world premiere at the conference, presents the life story of something all of us encounter on a daily (or even hourly) basis. Created in 1957 by the Swiss modernist designer Max Miedinger as a response to the cluttered typography and design of the postwar era, Helvetica's clean neutrality and balanced use of the empty space surrounding letters quickly made it a go-to font for public signage, advertising, corporate logos and works of modernist design around the world


Filmmaker Gary Hustwitt revels in his fascination with something so commonplace that it blends almost entirely into a context-less background, becoming a detective of sorts to unveil the myriad everyday places Helvetica is hiding (“It's a disease,” Hustwitt said of his obsessive font-spotting).


  1. There is lot of fonts available that can be used in making of movie. The director/editor of the film can select the most suitable font which help them.



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