Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A day in the life...

Here's a list of things I did today:
  • I taught one lecture of my class
  • I attended a departmental committee meeting
  • I had a meeting with collaborators to work out a paper outline for something we're submitting
  • I met with my student and did some nontechnical advising
  • I had a (brief) discussion with a collaborator about a pending grant proposal.
In other words, I covered the entire gamut of activities one might expect of an academic - with one significant exception. Did you notice it ?

Nowhere in there was any actual research done ! Gaaaah !


  1. That's unusual how?

    That's been my day for the last month....

  2. I didn't say it's unusual. I just said I didn't like it :)

  3. Suresh-- it gets worse every year!

  4. Folks, let me see if I can cheer you up with a quote by Gene Lawler (which I heard from Vijay Vazirani): We are underpaid and overworked in academia, but still, there are three good reasons to be in it: June, July, and August.


  5. Indeed ! Unfortunately my funding stream isn't stable enough to assume I get paid in JJA :)

  6. I work at a University where there are four good reasons to be in academia: May, June, July, August. We have an 8 month academic term. This also means you can in principle pay yourself +4/8 salary during the summer instead of +3/9 salary. If this sounds good to you, please apply at: http://www.cs.pitt.edu/recruiting/index.php

    Kirk Pruhs
    Recruiting Chair
    CS Dept, Pitt


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