Thursday, April 23, 2009

WADS paper list

As previously blogged, WADS paper list (sans abstracts ! come on, WADS people, get with the program).
Two interesting observations:
  • WADS is no longer a workshop ! It's the Algorithms And Data Structures Symposium (ADSS?). I see that years of complaining that workshops get no respect has had an effect.
  • There seems to be a preponderance of geometry papers (or should I say, OxDE papers :)). Is WADS (ADSS) becoming a satellite CompGeom conference ? this would not be a bad thing at all, considering that SODA is the only current satellite (I kid, I kid). Or maybe WADS (ADSS) is becoming a satellite of SODA/ESA ? that would be reasonable too.


  1. Less than 40% acceptance rate. With quadruply blind reviewing that acceptance rate could have been easily increased to 100 or 110%...

  2. (1) It's still called WADS because Jorg Sack really doesn't want to change the abbreviation. Why not "Worldwide Algorithms and Data structures Symposium"?

    (2) Yes, WADS is a satellite SODA, except more Canadian (ie, cane sugar instead of corn syrup).


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