Wednesday, August 06, 2014

A brief note on Fano's inequality

I've been bumping into Fano's inequality a lot lately, and have found the various explanations on the web somewhat lacking. Not because they aren't useful, but because their perspective is very different to the kind that I'd prefer as an algorithms person.

So after grumbling and mumbling and complaining, I decided the only solution was to write my own ! And here it is, as a raindrop.

Eh ? What's that you say ? And here we're just getting used to twitter ?

Raindrops are a web publishing form designed by the company run by our very own V. Vinay. When I was in India last I visited him in Bangalore, and he showed me the system. It's a nice way to make presentations or short lectures.

The raindrop I created is embedded directly in my blog, but can also be viewed directly at this link. I hope you like the medium, and the content !

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