Tuesday, March 09, 2004

What is Computational Geometry ?

There aren't that many blogs on computer science, although there are tons on computers. Especially if one works in theoretical computer science, one is accustomed to the blank stares that people give you when you tell them what you do for a living. Of course, doing geometry is even worse..

Geometry ? Isn't that something you do in high school
Who cares about geometry anyway ?
That's all very well, but why does my PC crash when I click this button

I will try to deal with the first two questions (as for the third, get linux...). For those of you who have drunk deep at the holy well of geometry, there will (hopefully) be things of use for you as well: I'll try to keep a running commentary of events of note in the geometry community and around. Comments, brickbats, insults, are all welcome.

And occasionally I might meander further into the real world; after all, a blog is for meandering...

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