Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Don Quixote enterprise ?

Via /., news of the first quantum computer simulation tool. However, what I find most interesting is this excerpt (emphasis mine):

Classical simulation of quantum processes seams like a
Don Quixote enterprise - this is well known. But imagine, you may test all the quantum algorithms you have in mind now - not tomorrow when everybody is able to press them in hardware. Let's discover the quantum ways by simulation now - to reach the world of Quantum Computing today.

Something must have been lost in translation...


  1. What's lost in translation?!?
    Seems like a well understandable text for me...

  2. the sentence structure is odd... I assumed that the author meant that classical simulation is a pointless thing to do, but it's a funny way to say it...

  3. Perhaps you're right.
    btw: Thank you for the link!
    Interesting to check wether I really understood
    these curios quantum algorithms!?!


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