Wednesday, December 15, 2004

[META] A request for commenters

This is a request for commenters. I really like hearing from people and I would reply to more comments if I could. Unfortunately many commenters post anonymously, and so my only recourse is to post another comment and hope they visit the page again (Blogger doesn't yet have RSS feeds for comments).

Now of course you might post anonymously by design, and that's perfectly fine. However I know that the Blogger interface for comment posting is not the greatest: you have to register a profile to post a comment with your name attached to it, and many people are understandably loathe to do so. So if you are a commenter who posts anonymously because you don't want to go thru the hassle of setting up a Blogger profile:
  • You can post anonymously with an appropriately spam-proof version of your name/email address (or even just a name)
  • If you do decide to set up a profile, spambots will not be able to harvest your ID because of the way Blogger does linking.
Keep those comments coming !


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