Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Tsunami help has rapidly become the central clearinghouse for information about aid efforts after the disaster. Also, closer to home, D. Sivakumar of IBM Almaden is involved with

Red Roots is a network of compassionate individuals who care about the less fortunate. Our immediate goal is to get a million donations to the American Red Cross disaster relief fund for the Asian Tsunami crisis (through Amazon): Go to Amazon and donate $5 to the American Red Cross. Call, email, or visit 2-4 individuals you know and get them to do likewise (donate $5, sign up more people). The emphasis here is on the million, less on the $5 (or Amazon or Red Cross). If each of us donates and finds two new participants, we can very quickly reach the million mark. If this experiment succeeds, we hope to build a much larger network of compassion whose potential we can only imagine.
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