Wednesday, February 14, 2007

New Research Center in Massive Data Algorithmics

Lars Arge, crown prince of massive data set algorithms, informs me that MADALGO, a new research center devoted to massive data algorithmics, is now up and running.
Several Postdoctoral positions at the level of Research Assistant Professor of Computer Science are available. Initially, the positions are for one year, but they can be extended by mutual consent. Applications are welcomed from researchers with clearly demonstrated experience and skills in the design and analysis of algorithms and data structures. Applicants with experience with I/O-efficient, cache-oblivious or streaming algorithms, as well as with implementation of such algorithms (algorithm engineering experience), will be preferred. The responsibilities of the candidates include work on algorithms for massive dataset problems in collaboration with center researchers, along with modest teaching responsibilities.
It's a great opportunity if you're looking for somewhere to do a postdoc, and like mucking around with lots of data. Massive data problems have added a profound new dimension to algorithms research, and this center will really help push research in this area forward. There are also Ph.D student positions available.

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