Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Presidential candidate wants to repeal undecidability.

From CNET, via BB, and Ed Felten:
Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kansas) on Tuesday reintroduced the Truth in Video Game Rating Act, first proposed last September. It calls for requiring video game rating organizations to play all games "in their entirety" before issuing labels and prohibiting game developers from withholding any "hidden" game content from raters. It would also punish ratings groups that "grossly mischaracterize" any game's content.
That's right: he wants to have games played till they terminate, in order to have them certified. I guess it's time to dust off those "Pi = 22/7" legislations.


  1. I think this is even worst than the classical halting problem. You have to run the game through its course for all possible inputs.

    Though, there could be some other way to ensure, in linear time, that there is no obscenity involved in the game. You can probably pull out the images and 3D models given that those are usually predefined.

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  3. There is no undecidability. I am the decider.


  4. Daniel: it would not be difficult for the programmers to encrypt the images to escape such a search. In fact, I think it would add to the pleasure of hiding such material...


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