Monday, February 19, 2007

WADS deadline fast approaching

For those of you nursing your poor SoCG/STOC/PODS rejects, the WADS deadline is fast approaching. WADS (The Workshop on Algorithms and Data Structures) alternates annually with SWAT, the Scandinavian Workshop on Algorithm Theory, and is being held this year in Halifax, Canada. Lest the title fool you, WADS is actually an honest-to-goodness conference; proceedings are published in an LNCS issue.

The deadline is Feb 23, more than enough time to even invent a problem, solve it, write a snappy intro, and send it off. So get cracking !

Update: The deadline has been moved to Mar 2. Heck, you could write TWO papers in that time.

p.s Not that the WADS folks are asking for my opinion, but I don't like it when conferences shift deadlines.


  1. Moreover, it has traditionally been popular among the Computational Geometry crowd, so if you submit your CG paper there, and it gets in, there will be an audience for it.

  2. The deadline has been extended to March 2nd.


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