Friday, July 06, 2007

SODA 2008 Server Issues ?

Piotr asks if anyone else has been having problems with the SODA 2008 server shortly before 5pm ET (i.e around 90 minutes ago).

Update (7/707): At least one person thinks the server was on (and accepting submissions) for a few hours after the deadline. If this is true, this would be quite interesting, considering that I've never heard of this happening before (if the server did crash, it's a rational response of course).

P.S Maybe the server was out watching fireworks.


  1. yes ! It is very slow in the last one hour before deadline (5pm EST). I submitted my last revision at 4:30pm and received confirmation after 1-1/2 hours !!

  2. I think it crashed. Excellent defense system. Less submissions, less work...

  3. I had trouble as well, got vague confirmation message 2 hours later.

  4. I had trouble too. The server was not working and I couldn't register my paper at the time of deadline, but it started working and accepted submissions for a few hours after the deadline.

  5. I'm not sure it was a SIGACT issue, but it's hard to know without further evidence. I sent a paper to the SODA server and to my coauthor at 4:50pm, and received confirmation from both at 5:30pm. So this seems to be a more general email issue. I figured it was an issue of email outgoing from MIT, which would explain Piotr, but perhaps not all the other responders...


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