Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Theoretician, comedy writer, sailboat racer, ...

Since Bill brought up Jeff Westbrook (yes, people, I have co-written a paper with a Simpsons screenwriter, thank you very much), I thought that I should mention that he's now, along with everything else, a sailboat racer !

He's racing in a race called Transpac, from Long Beach, CA to Honolulu, HI. His boat is called the Peregrine, and it has a 4-man crew. You can track their position (they were leading when I last checked) at http://www.transpacificyc.org/ (go to "track charts," then click the center logo. when the page loads, hit boat selector, pick division 6, then hit boat selector again, then wait). You can also visit the boat blog (bblog?) at http://peregrine-transpac.blogspot.com/.

One should note that Jeff, being the considerate soul that he is, signed off on revisions to pending papers before he left.

(Source: Adam Buchsbaum)

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