Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A "Green" conference...

(Update 2/17/09: Workshop dates changed to Apr 9-10)

Kirk Pruhs asks me to mention what I'll call the first "green" workshop of 2009:

Workshop on the Science of Power Management (Mar 26-27)

The rapidly increasing power consumption associated with information technology (IT) results in a myriad of adverse impacts including high utility costs, unsustainable thermal densities, poor space usage, and a substantial carbon footprint. In view of this, reducing IT power consumption has become a pressing priority at all levels of computer technology from semiconductor materials and processes all the way up to the design of entire data centers.

Although there is already significant research and development activity around power management in academia and industry, power remains a very difficult subject to deal with in a scientific and formal way. A grand challenge for the scientific community is to understand the trade-offs between power consumption and computability at a much more fundamental level. Ideally one would like to determine the limits of computability under power/thermal constraints, design systems that approach these limits and quantify corresponding performance tradeoffs.

This is a "NSF CFP generating workshop": the idea is for the workshop to generate material for a funding call. For more info, do contact Kirk, or Sandy Irani.


  1. If this conference were really "green", they'd arrange a way for people to participate by teleconferencing.

  2. They will be looking at ways to reduce millions of tonnes of C02 emissions and you are worried about a few tonnes produced in the process?

    Let me guess, you are one of those programmers who spend their time optimizing the initialization code which is executed exactly once.


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