Wednesday, January 07, 2009

SODA news: American Association of Chiropractors in a deep funk...

As promised, there was no hard copy proceedings at the conference this year, causing spinal columns everywhere to heave a huge sigh of relief. What's even more amazing is that ALL the papers from the conference are online: I downloaded them all last night ! Bill Gasarch has this, and more on why he enjoyed SODA, which apparently disturbed Lance so much he had to snark in the post immediately after :)

p.s the comment linked above points out that Las Vegas was the "first choice" for SODA in 2010, even though Austin was the "realistic second" that ultimately won.


  1. The lack of printed proceedings is nice on the wallet, too. With wifi in the conference site, they wouldn't have been missed -- even then, the program was followed by every paper's abstract, which mostly sufficed (though it would have been 17% better if the abstracts had had separators indicating the session, so we could binary search).

    Is SoCG following suit?

  2. the SoCG proceedings are quite thin, so I don't know if there's a plan to follow suit. This appears to be something that SIAM is doing for all its conferences: ACM would have to follow suit for it to work at SoCG.


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