Monday, January 05, 2009

SODA location news

No Salt Lake City, alas: however,
SODA 2010 in Austin, Texas, and SODA 2011 in Paris, France (of course unless SIAM and SODA steering committee will change the outcome of the majority vote, what is most likely to happen, in which case it should be San Francisco)
Somehow, I can't see David Johnson the SODA steering committee agreeing on Paris.

Update: More on the vote: it was Paris (60), the Virgin Islands (!) (50), San Francisco (46) and SLC (44). Clearly, I should have attended SODA and brought a student with me :)

On a related note: Virgin Islands ? What, have we given up on Puerto Rico as the token 'ain't gonna happen in a million years' location ?

Update: see the comment by Luc Devroye for some pushback to my claim that VI is an unreasonable location.

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