Monday, January 05, 2009

SODA location news

No Salt Lake City, alas: however,
SODA 2010 in Austin, Texas, and SODA 2011 in Paris, France (of course unless SIAM and SODA steering committee will change the outcome of the majority vote, what is most likely to happen, in which case it should be San Francisco)
Somehow, I can't see David Johnson the SODA steering committee agreeing on Paris.

Update: More on the vote: it was Paris (60), the Virgin Islands (!) (50), San Francisco (46) and SLC (44). Clearly, I should have attended SODA and brought a student with me :)

On a related note: Virgin Islands ? What, have we given up on Puerto Rico as the token 'ain't gonna happen in a million years' location ?

Update: see the comment by Luc Devroye for some pushback to my claim that VI is an unreasonable location.


  1. I must admit I stumbled here looking for a geometry blog but after reading I find it completely fascinating.

  2. I found this blog looking for a geometry blog, and I don't understand any of this, but I read a lot of it.

  3. Suresh:

    The vote in round one was not as you reported. The Virgin Islands won, and Paris came in second.
    Some old geezer suggested the Virgin Islands because, as he told me, there will be
    (1) free wireless service in the conference area and hotel rooms (this is why no on-site reports were coming in this year), (2) cheap coffee (the coffee alone set SIAM 20,000 dollars back in NYC, we learned), and (3) affordable beamers and overhead projectors (we were told the rental alone of the technical gizmos cost 19,000 dollars this year). Hopefully, the rum will be on tap.

    Happy Newyear to you all and see you in Saint Croix.


  4. St. Croix?! If we're going to the Virgin Islands, let's go to the best island. (no bias, really)

  5. Just one more quick report from the SODA business meeting. There was some griping at the business meeting about the cost of hiring SIAM to organize the conference for us. Thus it was decided that at the next business meeting it would be possible for local organizers to propose organizing SODA. So in principle, this might allow the Parisians to propose Paris even though SIAM can or will not organize a conference there. Or Suresh could propose to organize SODA in Salt Lake City.

    Kirk Pruhs

  6. A friend just pointed me to the ICCCN '08 site. From a paper count, ICCCN seems to be roughly 60% larger than SODA. This should quell worries I had heard that there may not be a hotel big enough in the USVI to hold a SODA-sized conference. I had also heard worries that hotels in the USVI might be too expensive, but note the special room rate stated in the link: $148/night.


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