Tuesday, June 28, 2005

SODA 2006

The SODA 2006 deadline is fast approaching, and soon we will all be frantically checking the clock to milk those last few seconds out of the deadline clock. The SODA deadline is July 6, 2005 at 5 pm EDT. This is all very well for people like me who live on the East coast of the USA. But what about the inhabitants of the other countries of the world ? Miscalculate, or fail to understand the intricacies of U.S time zones, and your precious new results end up in the recycle bin (for this year at least)!

As was commonly said through much of last year, "Help is on the way". Click here for a conversion of the SODA 2006 deadline time into times all over the world. Pick your own, and you're off to the races !

p.s Would be nice to be living in Kiritimati.

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