Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Tangled Bank #31

Gathering of the scientific blogginess, is here, hosted by Science and Sensibility. This time the format is that of a day at a conference. And I have to say, the cultural difference between other scientists (especially biologists) and computer scientists is immediately apparent.

First of all, the "talks" are only 15 minutes ! 15 minutes ! Bah ! It is below my dignity to give a talk for less than 25 minutes (even if this could accomodate more papers). Secondly, there is only one coffee break. This is terrible scheduling, and would send our entire cohort of theoreticians staring glassily off into space by the time afternoon hits. Finally, talks till 9:30 pm ? Sheesh: where's the time to party ?

p.s this is not too far from the format of many biological meetings, btw.

p.p.s Lots of good articles. Go ! Read ! Learn ! Write !

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