Monday, September 20, 2004

'Legs of Death'

I think we don't give Lance enough credit for blogging from the war-zone that is Chicago:
Chicago resident Guarav[sic] Bhatia, 25, is a man of science, a chemical engineer working on his second master's degree at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Scientists are logical people. So he's puzzled about what happened to him on the CTA the other day.

"I've got a problem," he told me on Wednesday. "I'm accused of breaking the law."

Did you dare munch a jelly doughnut on a CTA train? I mentioned this because the CTA rents space to doughnut shops, but prohibits the munching of doughnuts by commuters.

"No, I'm accused of sleeping," Bhatia said. "And now I'm going to have to go to court!"
But wait ! There's more:(emphasis mine)
Officially, [the city is] sticking with the same story they had the other day, that he violated a CTA ordinance by obstructing the operation of a train.

The new spin is that he was not simply sleeping, something common on the CTA, but that he was--get this--sleeping dangerously.
Gaurav is now being called 'Legs of Death' Bhatia. We shall leave him with the last word:
As for "Legs of Death" Bhatia, he explained that he had his face against the train window, so he couldn't have stretched into the aisle, sleeping dangerously as it were.

"It would have been physically impossible," he said. "Even Keanu Reeves from `Matrix' could not do it."

(Via Sepia Mutiny)

Update: Sepia Mutiny announces that Gaurav has now beaten the rap !

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