Friday, September 10, 2004

The power of baseball...

So Tuesday I went to my first live baseball game, a Yankees game no less, courtesy of Adam. It was quite the cultural experience: I had 2 huge hot dogs, stood for the American National Anthem, stretched at the 7th inning stretch, even took cover from a whizzing fly ball screaming line drive (ed. baseball fans are picky...). Not to mention a full complement of home runs, double plays, intentional walks, grounds staff dancing to YMCA, and even a collision that left the catcher comatose for a few minutes.

The Yankees won 11-2 over Tampa, so there was good feeling all around. Clearly more good feeling than I expected....because....

Yesterday I got a letter from the Department of Homeland Security (nothing is guaranteed to strike more fear into a poor non-immigrant's heart) that said:
Your application for permanent resident status has been approved. Please take this notice, your Arrival/Departure rec....zzzzzz
As one might imagine, I tuned out at that point. I now have a green card !!! And I dare anyone to try and convince me that visiting a bonafide icon of the American cultural landscape had nothing to do with this: isn't this what the Patriot Act is for ?

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