Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The beleagured computational genomicists...

Much is being made of this article by John Derbyshire of NRO on the threat posed by computational genomicists to the "liberal elite". One point that has not been made though: much of computational genomics is based on reasoning about phylogenetic structure, inferring gene propogation cross species. This of course is based on the only-believed-by- 35%-of-the-US-population theory of evolution.

It is rather amusing that conservative commentators who spring to the defense of research that undermines the "liberal establishment" are not particularly concerned that this very research is based on the theory that people in their corner are trying their best to discredit.

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  1. That article sounds like BS don't you think? And it seems odd to talk about some guy who you can't say who he is and you can't say where he works. Did he make up the whole story?


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