Tuesday, November 23, 2004

How to increase the number of hits on your blog...

This is a cottage industry in the blogosphere, with various authors willing to give you advice (free and paid) on how to increase traffic to your blog. In fact, some time back the Geomblog was cited as an example of how NOT to increase traffic to your blog, by exemplifying the kind of blog that "is for people who only talk to their own kind".

Well I have my own personal lesson on how to increase traffic to your blog, and I'll even give it out for free. The answer is: POLITICS. My evidence ?

This picture is a snapshot of my traffic over the past one month: visits in green, and page hits in purple. The prefix is my average traffic per day: not a lot, but then how many geometers are there to begin with ? The climb starts the day I posted my article about election cartograms. It lasted for a week, and I am still seeing the effects of it.


  1. This incredible. I posted a comment on my blog immediately after the brawl in Detroit the Pacers and Pistons. I am continuing to receive an average of 10 hits per week on my site. This is phenomenal for a site which focuses only on anger management. I true niche market. However, this is precisly why the hits went up and staying up. I am also asked to be interviewed by papers and e-mail publications daily. 

    Posted by George Anderson

  2. interesting....and more importantly its comin on top of google which makes a lot of hits for your site..

    things need to be learnt from you..:)
    anyway best wishes... 

    Posted by srikrishnak

  3. People would do not mind to read the same thing again if you are writing abt politics. For IT once they found a solution that is it. What an incredible increase you got there  

    Posted by Riz

  4. Hi,

    How do i figure out how many hits im getting on MY blog please?

    my blog is http://singlemuslimman.blogspot.com

    thank you 

    Posted by Khuram Malik

  5. Interesting...

    Well, can try to use something like blog hit counter such as blogpatrol.com. 

    Posted by Max

  6. Hi
    It sounds nice but it takes alot of efforts to get traffic and then clicks.There should be contents and I still not found any magic for that otherthan usefull contents

  7. Nice one, no good for me.

    But thanks.

  8. There is no substitute for having something interesting to say on a consistent basis, if you want your blog to be read!

  9. I have to agree with you. I posted an item about a murder which happened on a greyhound bus near Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in late July. I soon get one of the "top" listings on Google ... well, at least for a while until something else replaces it. Anyway for the last week or so I received 100 hits per day which is up from my previous average of 50-65 per day. Judging from previous experience this spin-off will remain for a long time. Its gruesome to think how fascinated people are with this kind of stuff ... a point I also made in my post.


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