Monday, November 15, 2004

So much for SIGGRAPH :)

I am happy to announce that this year's Fall CG workshop will have a fully-compliant 21st century web surfing experience: a website, a blog, and even a wiki !!

Hervé Brönnimann from PolyTech U has set up a comp geom space that (with the aid of volunteers like your humble blogger, Ken Clarkson, Jeff Erickson and Sariel Har-Peled) now has all kinds of goodies for the computational geometry community.

Firstly, we now have a blog for the Fall CG workshop. If you plan to attend the workshop, and would like to post entries, send mail to with the subject line "FWCG" to get an account, or for instructions on how to post anonymously. Please supply enough information to identify yourself :)

Secondly, we have a computational geometry wiki that runs off the excellent Mediawiki platform (the same one that runs wikipedia). The beauty of a wiki is that anyone can edit it (once you are registered), and there's lots of information on the site to help you out. We hope that through volunteer efforts, we can build this up into a valuable resource for the CG community.

Some cool features of the wiki:
  • You can write math in latex, and it will convert the text appropriately
  • You can use geombib reference for citations (thanks to Sariel)
  • Anyone can edit any page; although this seems like recipe for disaster, it actually works out reasonably well. So if you have some CG-related content you'd like to add in, or can help contribute to existing pages, dive right in.
Sariel has converted his core-sets survey into wiki format: check it out...

1 comment:

  1. The Wiki is quite nice.
    It seems this wiki is so new, that the "convex hull" has not been contributed yet, :)


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