Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Posting has been slow, as I've been travelling, and doing some paper writing (you know, scholarly work, the kind that bloggers do in their pajamas). My internet connection has been down, and in the process of running around trying to make my deadline from various WiFi-enabled cafes, I have discovered the Four Essential Criteria for a Successful Wireless AdventureTM.
  1. A clear internet signal (preferably free)
  2. Good cell phone reception
  3. Accesssible power sockets
  4. Some reasonable espresso
You'd be surprised how difficult it is to satisfy all four of these constraints, and how essential they really are.

Along with these are the Two Recommended Criteria for A Pleasant Wireless AdventureTM:
  1. Comfy armchairs: a table and chair is NOT designed for typing on a laptop
  2. Pleasant music: it's not even Thanksgiving and I am already trying to free my mind of inane Christmas jingles !
anyway, I shall now kick back and take Lance's advice, at least until my next deadline...


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