Saturday, April 23, 2005

Merger mania

A pre-disclaimer: I know nothing about this conference and by all indications, it is probably a good one. I just found this description from the CFP funny.
CoNEXT is a joint conference series having its roots in QoFIS, NGC and
MIPS. QoFIS and NGC are highly successful international workshops initiated
by two European COST Actions, namely COST263 on Quality of Future Internet
Services and COST264 on Networked Group Communications. MIPS resulted from
the merging of two other major workshops, namely IDMS (concentrated on
interactive and distributed multimedia services) and PROMS (focusing on
protocols for networked multimedia systems); also the associated ICQT
(Internet Charging and QoS Technology) workshop is integrated into CoNEXT 2005.
And I thought media mergers were hard to keep track of...

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