Friday, April 01, 2005

No wifi please, we're Japanese...

Todd Ogasawara went to Japan for business and discovered that unlike in the US, where hotels are tripping over themselves to offer WiFi, over there it’s mighty rough trying to find a hotel with any sort of broadband access (whether or wired or wireless) for guests. Not that there isn’t WiFi in Japan or anything like that, but apparently most hotels assume that you’ll have some sort of high-speed access via your cellphone and so don’t feel compelled to offer WiFi.
Looks like blogging will be greatly reduced on my upcoming trip :)

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  1. I don't know about Japan, but hooking my computer to the internet using my cellphone's infrared port in the middle of a rice field in Thailand (don't ask)went very smoothly. I simply went to a cell-phone shop, bought a local SIM card, and paid some guys $6 to install the software and give me the local access numbers. I had to pay about 2cents/minute for a 120Kbs connection. The SIM card was the greatest expense, but it has the advantage of giving you a local number, in case any locals wish to contact you to discuss their latest theorems.

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