Friday, April 15, 2005

methinks thou protesteth too much...

As many of you may now know, the MIT grad students' plan to attend SCI with a randomly-generated talk was exposed for the sorry sham it was, and the good folks at SCI were shocked, shocked at the perfidy perpetrated by these poltroons.

The mysterious Prof. Nagib Callaos has finally spoken. In a 4-page denounciation sent to an inquiring researcher, he lays out a formidable argument for the value of non-peer reviewed papers, citing numerous authorities on the topic. The PS/PDF is not text-editable, so I can't cut and paste some of the choicer excerpts: read it and be 'umbled.

He remains unashamed, but full of sadneess [sic].

p.s A commenter points out this interesting story from a few years ago.

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