Sunday, December 18, 2005

Computer science vs programming, II

I should add that the view presented in the Globe article I just mentioned is in direct opposition to an evolving perspective about the role of university computer science programs.

Namely, it is a view that university CS programs should be doing more towards helping students prepare for life in industry, like offering classes in various programming languages like Java, Python, and others, training students to write software, and generally addressing the needs of the computer industry.

Although I am strongly against the notion that such training merits a degree in "computer science", I see no reason why different schools might not take different tacks, offering different kinds of degree programs and specializing in different areas. What I do welcome is the idea that there is a pushback from the "computer science as a way of thinking" direction, as well as creative thinking about courses that might more effectively reflect this point of view (for more on this, see Siva's post about alternative courses, and Michael Mitzenmacher's comment at the same post)

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