Thursday, December 29, 2005

A new theme song for Numb3rs ?

Kate Bush (remember her?) has a new album out. Called 'Aerial', it includes one song, 'Pi', that
is about a "sweet and gentle and sensitive man / With an obsessive nature and deep fascination / For numbers / And a complete infatuation with the calculation / Of Pi"
The song itself (and this is what caught my attention while driving into work listening to WXPN) is a recitation of the digits of pi, done so sonorously that if you weren't paying attention, you wouldn't even notice. Once you do though, you're amazed at how creatively one can say the numbers zero through nine without sounding monotonous. Here's a thought: instead of these annoyingly stilted voices that repeat numbers to you for confirmation when you call customer service, someone should break down the different ways Kate Bush sings each number and randomize them into a string that would sound so much more delightful.

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Happy New Year !

Update: Michael links to an mp3 file.



  1. I'm one of those who find Kate Bush hit or miss, but this sounds like a keeper. You've seen Hard 'n Phirm's pi song, right?

  2. man, that video is incredibly psychedelic. I thought it was going to be sappy, but it was surreal. The pi chorus was excellent ! Thanks for the pointer, David.  

    Posted by Suresh

  3. Since we are at it, here is another (albeit older) pi , together with some music.

    Posted by Piotr

  4. yes all a nice one


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