Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Blog-fatigue: A highly unscientific observation

After last November, I had a 'blog-fatigue' moment where for a few months I couldn't bear to read anything political. This might have had something to do with my political inclinations, but I was curious, and started digging around. Based on a completely unscientific study of a completely non-random sample, I came to the conclusion (draw your own !) that the phenomenon was widely felt:

1. The Washington Monthly
Washington Monthly

2. Daily Kos
Daily Kos

3. Instapundit

4. Little Green Footballs

5. Andrew Sullivan
Daily Dish

6. Gizmodo (a prominent gadget blog)

The first two are prominent liberal (or at least left-of-center) blogs, and the next two are right-leaning blogs. Andrew Sullivan is generally conservative, but is not as ideologically predictable, and Gizmodo is a completely non-political blog. I wanted to check Boing Boing, but they only have stats going back to January.

The pattern seems fairly compelling, with all usual caveats added in. Gizmodo illustrates why this is not just a holiday season dip. Of course, if I had stats from prior years, even this effect could have been verified.


  1. How about the US election as a predictor? 

    Posted by Mitch

  2. That's my point. the elections caused first a blog frenzy and then major blog fatigue. 

    Posted by Suresh


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