Friday, May 06, 2005

Useful translations

From this page:

"It follows easily that" means:
One can now check that the next statement is true with a certain amount of essentially mechanical, though perhaps laborious, checking. I, the author, could do it, but it would use up a large amount of space and perhaps not accomplish much, since it'd be best for you to go ahead and do the computation to clarify for yourself what's going on here. I promise that no new ideas are involved, though of course you might need to think a little in order to find just the right combination of good ideas to apply.
Now imagine you had to replace the first by the second in each occurrence in a 10 page conference submission ;).


  1. A classic. My favorite passage:

    "A half hour of concentration in a novel buys you 20-60 pages with full comprehension (depending on how experienced you are at reading novels). The same half hour in a math article buys you 0-3 lines (depending on how experienced you are at reading mathematics)." 

    Posted by Anonymous

  2. I was always amazed, after the fact, at the vast amounts of chocolate, soda, chips, pacing, and repetitive playing of baroque music those 0-3 lines also demanded, along with their half hour.  

    Posted by Saheli

  3. I have seen a variant of this quote, in which "it follows easily that.." actually translates to: "after a few days' work, you will find that it is not true that.."  

    Posted by gaw3


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