Friday, May 27, 2005

Off to puff at puffins

and other bird-like creatures on the Orkney Islands, and other parts of Scotland. Alas, I will miss the exciting adventures of geometers at the annual sausage convention in Pisa. I assume the Urbana blogging mafia will report on all the goings on at the tilted town, along with revealing the appropriate affine transform that makes the Leaning Tower look straight.

In the interim, I have a guestblogger ! Graham Cormode is at Lucent Bell Labs (no dammit, AT&T Labs is NOT Bell Labs, how many times do I have to repeat it, arggghhhh.....)

Oh yes, where was I ? Graham Cormode is at Lucent Bell Labs, and does all kinds of cool things in massive data sets, as well as being a personal guest of Bill [Clinton|Gates]. Hopefully he will entertain with sonorous soundbites while I am away.

And so I'm off, clutching (or rather, lugging behind me) the Roger Penrose 1100 page opus, 'The Road to Reality'. Looks like fascinating bed time reading: he makes Lie groups seem almost cuddly...

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