Friday, May 20, 2005

Chickens and Primes

Have you ever had an annoying mathematical headworm, a puzzle that starts buzzing around in your head and won't go away till you solve it ? Well, if you have, and don't like the feeling, don't read further.

Via think again ! comes this intriguing puzzle. The original involves KFC and puzzled managers and is far more colorful. The pared-down version presented here is:

Given two relatively co-prime numbers A and B, show that there exists a number M such that all numbers N > M can be expressed as non-negative integer combinations of A and B (i.e for all N > M, there exist p, q non-negative integers such that N = pA + qB). Find this M = f(A, B).

Note that the coprime condition is critical else only multiples of gcd(A, B) can be expressed at all, and the statement is trivially false.

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