Friday, May 13, 2005


Dutch universities have banded together to provide digital free access to publications by academics in these universities. Given that the Netherlands is also the land of Elsevier, poster-child for commercial journal price-gouging, it seems only appropriate that this initiative is called DARE.

The spoof-meter does start moving towards the red zone when you read lines like this (from the English version of the website):
  • DAREnet gives digital access to academic research output in the Netherlands. It is accessible from home but also from both North and South Pole.
  • The top of the bill, the cream on the cake can be found through Cream of Science.
Maybe it's just one of those things lost in translation.

(HT: The Register, via /.)

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  1. NOT lost in translation. That's what it says, but The Dutch have peculiar ways of expressing themselves; I can attest because I am an expat living and studying in the Netherlands. Nevertheless DARE was news to me, despite being affiliated with 3 major universities here, so they aren't doing a great job of publicizing their pursuits. 

    Posted by Saskia van Gendt


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