Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The F-1 process

I've been out of grad school long enough that I should know better, but PhD Comics still rings true in a way few comics can (xkcd is another). Of course, now I will find myself identifying more with the bearded old professor than the students, but still...

Today's strip sums up the foreign student visa experience perfectly. What they could have also added was a panel where Tajel explains the umpteenth bazillionth time to a clueless local, "Yes, we need a visa to go to X".


  1. that strip was excellent... but as a clueless american i have to ask - why won't they let people back in? what's the excuse? i had no idea that happened...

  2. If you're in status, but need a visa stamp to come back in, the US is under no obligation to re-issue the visa stamp, and even if they do, local immigration is under no obligation to respect that stamp.

    Some of these are "in principle" statements, but there's a real chance of being denied a visa stamp if you're close to graduation and cannot prove the negative that you do NOT intend to take up residence in the US after your studies.

  3. That's not accurate, things are much worse if you're an Iranian!

  4. oh, ok, so you can't go home because you can't get back into the us later - that makes (a twisted sort of) sense. i thought it meant that you couldn't go home permanently.

  5. F1 is for whimps. Try to get a greencard and wait 5 years for it, get stuck in FBI security check, get finger printed 6 times (driving 100 miles to the place doing it), then fly across the world back to the US in the middle of your long vacation so that the work permit can be initiated while you are inside the US.

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