Saturday, June 28, 2008

NSF Update

(ed: please ignore if you don't get (or plan to get) funding from the NSF)

A missive from Jeanette Wing sent out today tells of consolidation in the standard solicitations for CCF/CNS/IIS. To quote:
Each of CISE's three divisions will have one solicitation that covers its core activities normally covered in the past by many solicitations. The Coordinated Solicitation will be the simultaneous release of these three solicitations, describing all core research programs within each division.


The Cross-Directorate Solicitation will describe cross-cutting research
programs, those with interests that cut across the entire CISE Directorate and are managed entirely within CISE. (Excluded are cross-cutting programs joint between CISE and other entities; see Further Notes.) For FY09-FY10, they will be:

- Data-Intensive Computing
- Network Science and Engineering
- Trustworthy Computing
Main bit of note: the "small" solicitations (i.e for amounts less than 500K) will be due in December. This in all likelihood includes the new Algorithmic Foundations solicitation. This is earlier than the Feb-March deadlines we had the last two years.

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