Monday, June 09, 2008

SoCG 2008: Business meeting

Bullets from the business meeting:
  • 140 attendees: higher than the abysmally low 111 from last year, but not as good as the 180 reached when we had SoCG in Brooklyn (with the boat ride and the open bar. aahhh...)
  • 42/130 papers accepted. Immediate rejection of papers with no abstracts submitted earlier
  • John Hershberger is the 2009 SoCG PC Chair. Wants papers on the themes of coffee, microbrews, and rain. Good thing I just finished my paper on 'Maximizing coffee production while minimizing fermentation during the rainy season". This paper will be submitted from an ISP somewhere in Europe with 3 random co-authors added on, as per Monique's instructions for maximizing paper acceptance.
  • SoCG 2010 will be in... TA DA.... Salt Lake City !! Yes, yours truly and Valerio Pascucci (newly arriving in Utah) will be organizing the 2010 sausage festival in the land of fry sauce and wonderbread. Mark your calendars NOW !!
And with that, we broke for dinner.

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  1. I am not really a CG researcher, but if you schedule SoCG 2010 during ski season, I'll help boost your attendance!


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