Saturday, June 28, 2008

The social web makes me dizzy.

  1. I have a web page
  2. I have a blog
  3. I have started using twitter.
  4. As it so happens, I have a facebook account
  5. and I often share interesting items via Google Reader
So far so good. But here's where the fun starts.
  1. The shared items from GR appear on my blog
  2. Shared items, and blog posts, appear on my web page via lifestream
  3. facebook updates appear in GR via an RSS feed
  4. blog posts, twitter updates, facebook updates, and GR updates appear on friendfeed
  5. I can read friendfeed via the web, or via twhirl, (and also twitter)
  6. I can post comments to friendfeed posts via twhirl
  7. Someone can post a comment to a blog post seen on friendfeed and the update appears on twhirl. I can reply to this comment and it appears on their friendfeed
It seems that the whole point of the social web is to keep us updating so much that we end up not doing anything worth announcing !

1 comment:

  1. at some point you'll need a cycle detection algorithm to ensure your feeds do not feed themselves in a circle :-)


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