Tuesday, June 10, 2008

SODA 2009 deadlines: Jun 26/Jul 3

Via CC: SODA 2009 server is up, and the deadline is Jul 3. New things this time:
  • Pre-submission of abstracts (like SoCG) on June 26
  • Papers must have "complete proofs": any details that can't fit can go to the appendix.
I foresee LONG appendices this time :)


  1. Heh. You said "long appendices" he heh hehh

  2. Note: you can move automatically selected proofs to the appendix using the "answers.sty" LaTeX package:



    %%%% Begining of Paper.

    My very first result
    \begin{movedProof} (of Theorem~\ref{th:veryFirstResult})\\
    The proofs in environnement \texttt{movedProof} are normally moved
    to the appendix, except if you use the option
    \verb+\usepackage[nosolutionfiles]{answers}+, in which case all the
    proofs are normally included where they are defined, and no proof is
    included at the end of the file.

    %%%%%%%% END OF SUBMISSION %%%%%%

    \large \textbf{Appendix}
    \section{Moved Proofs}



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