Monday, June 30, 2008

An open letter to journals not mirrored by ACM and DBLP

Dear journal,
If it isn't too much of a problem, could you possibly attach a BibTeX link to each article that you list ? For the sake of my cruelly abused fingers ? Could you ? PLEASE ?


  1. Speaking of inconveniences, something's gone wrong with your RSS feed as mirrored, e.g., on my livejournal flist: at the ends of your posts, I get several dozen screensfull of blank space followed by (in a huge fontsize) the text


    Click anywhere to cancel

    Image is Unavailable

    As you might imagine, this makes it annoying and awkward to find the entries below yours. Any chance of a fix?

  2. It's a bizarre blogger error that no one seems to have any clue about. it creates it in the post edit page, but unless I'm in HTML mode, I don't see it. I deleted the junk from this post.

  3. Go to Bibsonomy, it has a long list of scrapers for journals to get the bibtex.


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